About Us

We at The Boschetti Group are aware of the extreme dangers posed by a growing range of threats in both the public and private arenas.

As a result, we are fully committed to a forward-thinking approach to personal and group protection — one that anticipates threats rather than simply reacts to them if and when they may occur. Because of our proactive positioning, team members are aware, informed, trained, and prepared to deliver reliable protection, just as we have for our past twenty-plus years of service for high profile events and clientele.

The Boschetti Group, Inc. has provided trusted security details for television production, film and music companies, corporate and entertainment VIP executives and large estates, with varying threat assessment and risk management. In addition to advancing of venues and locations providing logistic strategies requiring complex arrangements while on tour both domestic and international.

We continually engage in an internal review process — the result of which is the implementation of new and additional security measures to meet the latest threat conditions in the complex security risk assessment and management in an ever-evolving geopolitical world.

The Boschetti team members are skilled and highly trained agents with the knowledge and insight to assist with a variety of security requests and are prepared for unusual challenges. Our Certified Explosive and Weapon Detection Canine (EDC) Teams are experts in the field of explosive detection security, with years of specialized law enforcement and/or military experience. Our dedication to training guarantees that our entire program is consistently evaluated to meet the highest level of performance standards. All company employees are well vetted, registered, licensed and insured and given detailed instructions to ensure each assignment is executed to meet stringent client requirements on the road as well as at specific events.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Threat Assessment and Management
  • Active Shooter & Crisis Management Procedures
  • Certified Detection Canine (EDC) Teams
  • Geopolitical, Religious Climate Evaluation
  • Preparedness & Fire Emergency Action Plans
  • Venue Crisis Contingency Plans for Evacuation
  • Advance Arrangements–Logistics and Planning
  • Venue Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Executive and Celebrity Protection
  • Performance Tour Security
  • Estate Protective Security Coverage
  • Facilitation of Itineraries, & Accommodations
  • Executive Transportation and Vehicle Escorts
  • Red Carpet and Special Events
  • Film and Television Production Security
  • Emergency First Aid, CPR