Estate Protection Services and Residential Security

The Boschetti Group provides professional services of the highest quality in estate protection services, meeting the specific requirements and needs of high profile clients and their families.

We offer experienced and knowledgeable security personnel with extensive hands-on training to manage the protection of the estate across the full spectrum of operations.

In creating a security survey of your property, we will determine the appropriate security levels for threat risk, resulting in the prevention of unauthorized access and installations, not only inside the residence but also to equipment, materials, computers and highly sensitive documents.

We provide deterrence, detection and response to the perimeter, grounds and buildings on the property, with monitoring security systems, access control and a command post that maintains constant surveillance of the property to safeguard against harm, damage and theft.

We will work closely with the onsite Estate Manager to create a customized security plan with procedures and policies the Estate Manager will feel comfortable presenting to the client for their family members and staff.

Our armed or unarmed Estate Protection Team can unobtrusively and discreetly blend within the estate environment and lifestyle, or team members can be highly visible, as a deterrent to personal threat or unwanted access, adhering to the specific needs of the Estate Manager.

Reporting procedures and frequency of reports will be developed in consultation with client or the Estate Manager.

Reports will include, but not limited to:

  • Property Status and Condition
  • Budget Status Report
  • Unusual Incident Report
  • Pre-Visit Readiness Report
  • Current Threat levels and local security concerns
  • Property Protection

Services we offer:

Background Investigations of House Personnel:

The Estate Protection Team is capable of conducting extensive criminal, credit and psychological profile of employees, should the client deem it necessary or require it as part of the estate security plan. With the exception of a detailed psychological profile, In most cases a background investigation can be conducted within 24 hours.

Fire Protection

The Estate Protection Team will develop emergency evacuation plans upon review of the blueprints and consultation with the District Fire Chief. Fire evacuation rehearsals will be offered to client and family members, especially children.

The Boschetti Group team members are educated, organized and astute problem solvers with excellent communication skills. Highly trusted and well vetted, our agents are security trained with active security clearance; carry a Bureau of Security and investigative Services (BSIS) Guard Card; licensed and trained in weapons handling with an open firearms permit. They are trained and certified in Emergency First Aid and CPR, able to respond quickly to medical emergencies. Most have prior military or police training.