The Boschetti Group, Inc. has provided security services for award show events, as well as personal protection for all of the talent appearing at the events. The company has established an excellent reputation providing protection for talent and employees at television programs.

Boschetti Group also provides security for VIPs and celebrities while on tour, including advancing of venues and locations. In the music industry, the company has provided celebrity security during tours .

Boschetti Group has managed security at large scale movie premieres and parties, major sporting events, charity events, and large industry parties. In addition, Boschetti Group has also provided personal protection for talent and executives at major studios.

Boschetti Group has provided security for a wide range of individuals and industries under varying threats requiring complex arrangements. These services include assessing threats, performing building searches, perimeter and estate security, reconnaissance, and surveillance on the road as well as at specific events. All company employees are well vetted, trained, and given instructions to ensure each assignment is executed to meet stringent client requirements. The Boschetti Group is a well-established company with an outstanding reputation for efficient, well-organized executive protection.