Advanced K9 Handlers

Certified Explosive and Weapon Detection Canine (EDC) Teams

We are experts in the field of explosive detection security, with years of specialized law enforcement and /or military experience. Our dedication to training guarantees that our entire program is consistently evaluated to meet the highest level of performance standards.

  • All handlers have Counter Surveillance Training and Behavior Pattern Recognition Training.
  • We provide bomb dog teams nationwide (in the 48 contiguous states).
  • Full-time dedicated teams, part-time, response and special event teams are available 24/7.
  • K-9 teams can respond by helicopter if a major threat or a fast response is needed via Bracket Airport located in La Verne, CA
  • We use real explosives to train our bomb dogs to ensure optimum performance.
  • The K-9 teams have provided training for local federal and state law enforcement such as Los Angeles County Sheriff SEB Arson Explosives Unit, Riverside Sheriff Hazardous Device team, Orange County Bomb Squad and FBI Explosives Detection K9 teams.

Extensive Screenings
In conjunction with our advanced K-9 handlers, we also provide extensive security processes which entail metal detectors with a screening of all bags and clothing for weapons and explosives detection.